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Since joining the Party in 2001, I have been Treasurer, Vice Chair, have Chaired or been a member of just about every Party committee there is, have run for public office, and currently hold a Governor appointed position as County Public Trustee.

I think what sets me apart is my leadership style. I am a bottom-up leader. I prefer to start planning discussions with PCPs, taking those discussions to the Executive Committee and then formulating a strategic plan from those discussions. I love brainstorming and running an organization as a team where everyone is equal. No "us" and "them"; just "we" and "our."

In any leadership role, I have always thought of myself as a facilitator -- someone who forwards the progess of the organization and committees; greases the skids; makes the job easier for everyone.
If you like the idea of bottom-up planning and a real team approach to fighting the opposition in Douglas County, contact me and let me know.
Please vote for me at the Reorg Meeting on February 12.