I: Non-partisan races

I have talked to several city and county elected officials and the consensus is that elected positions in local government are not partisan. As Jack Hilbert says, "You have to be elected based on your political bias but then you must govern from a position of neutrality."

I would disagree with Jack a bit. I believe a county candidate can be nominated by their party based on how neutral or non-partisan they are perceived. A perfect example would be Dave Weaver, the incumbent Sheriff. I have known Dave quite awhile and I have never heard him make a partisan remark either in a private conversation or a public presentation. He simply talks about being a Sheriff and what he has done as the manager of the Sheriff's department.

I prefer to follow Dave's example and talk about my management qualifications and what I have been able to do to keep costs down and serve the community. I will say that the leadership rolls I assumed in the party - equivalent to running a nonprofit, volunteer organization - were instrumental in teaching me skills that transferred well to the management of the Office of the Public Trustee.